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Welcome to Yi Dian Tong

We believe learning comes from within.

With the rise of technology, lessons are no longer limited to a traditional classroom with a teacher standing in front of the class. At Yi Dian Tong, we believe that digitalisation opens doors for an interesting and interactive learning approach. With the world’s information all at their fingertips, students are able to take charge of their learning at an early age.

With guidance and mentoring, YiDianTong aims to nurture every child to be an independent learner.

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Our Mission

To equip Chinese learners in Singapore with the skills to master Chinese language with ease.

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When your child enjoys the learning process, there is a motivation to achieve more. There is no judgement, just progression. We create captivating lesson materials with relatable themes to inspire our students to think, ask and have fun in learning Chinese.

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With a strong understanding of the MOE syllabus, we teach the right content and techniques in class. Your child will learn how to apply what was learnt and rise above and beyond the challenges of learning Chinese in Singapore.

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We create learning moments that encourage students to exercise their critical thinking skills. Students will develop a self-directed learning strategy and a positive attitude towards Chinese. We believe that these will prepare them better for school and for life.

  • Small class size

    Class size of 1 to 4 to ensure maximum attention and interaction between teacher and students.

  • Curriculum and Materials

    Curriculum and materials are designed based on MOE syllabus and will be mailed to your home address. No hidden fee for books or assessment books!

  • Teachers

    All our teachers are local graduates who are effectively bilingual with years of teaching experience in Singapore.

  • Support

    Each student will have a regular teacher that works closely with parent to provide regular updates and personalised feedback.

  • Homework tracker

    Each student will have a personal account that can track their homework and correction submission.

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