About us, teacher and curriculum

What is Yi Dian Tong?

Yi Dian Tong are formed by a group of local teachers who are effectively bilingual and have years of teaching experience in Singapore. We understand that learning Chinese can be tough in Singapore, but it does not have to be. Our goal is to provide a fun, interactive and effective approach to learning Chinese and help Singaporean students, so that our students can better appreciate the language from a young age.

Do you follow MOE Syllabus?

Yes. Our curriculums adhere to the latest syllabus and exam formats as advised by MOE. Our lessons are specially designed to help Singaporean students to excel in their Chinese language examinations. We provide an all-rounded approach to spark an interest towards Chinese learning. All our lesson materials are meticulously researched and planned by our team of experienced curriculum specialists and teachers. We also collect feedbacks from teachers, parents and students constantly, so as to ensure that our materials meet the examination needs of our students. 

Where are your teachers from?

All our teachers are local graduates who obtained at least a degree with honour / master in the related field. They have years of Chinese teaching experience in Singapore and they understand the challenges that your child might face when it comes to learning Chinese in Singapore. As our teachers are effectively bilingual, they are able to communicate and explain better to your child during the lesson. They will also work closely with parents and provide regular personalised feedbacks on your child’s learning progress.

How do you prepare my child for school examination?

With a strong understanding of the MOE syllabus, we teach the right content and techniques in class. In order to ensure your child is well prepared for his/her PSLE or school examinations, we provide in-class mock examinations such as timed composition(作文), paper 2(试卷二) and 1 to 1 oral practice(口试), at least once a term. These mock examinations will follow closely to the latest MOE examination format and we will review and go through his/her work in detail after the mock examination. 

What programmes do you offer?

We specialised in mainstream Chinese and Higher Chinese from Primary 1 to Primary 6. We also give Express Chinese and Higher Chinese tuition for Secondary 1 and 2 students. 

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How is your lesson conducted?

All our tuition lessons are conducted live. Students are able to interact with their peers and receive instant feedback from teacher. View more our classroom snapshots to see how our lessons are been conducted. 

Schedule and class

Can we attend the lesson anytime we like?

No. Our online lessons are conducted live on a regular schedule by a regular teacher. You are required to choose a preferred regular timing during registration, and your child may login 10 minutes before the lesson.  


Will my child have same teacher and classmates for each lesson?

Yes. Once your child registered his/her preferred schedule for the programme, he/she will enrol into a regular class with a regular teacher and classmates. We believe that by assigning a regular teacher to a class is crucial as it allows the teacher to build rapport with your child and have a better understanding of his/her strength and weakness. The teacher can then provide customised feedback for your child and allowing he/she to make specific adjustments in order to achieve better result. 

Whats is your class size?

Our classes are purposely kept small, with no more than 4 regular students. This is to maximise the interaction between teacher and students. For component intensive programme, the class size is kept at 2 regular students.

Will there be lesson on public holiday?

There will not be any lessons scheduled on public holidays. We will provide a rescheduled lesson for your child. If your child is unable to make it for the rescheduled lesson, you may arrange a replacement class for he/she within the cycle, subjected to availability. There would be no refund if a student fail to attend rescheduled or replacement lesson, however, he or she may still watch the recorded lesson.  

Do you offer replacement class?

Yes. You may inform us by email [enquiry@yidiantong.com.sg], at least one week before the lesson. Students may arrange for a replacement lesson within the weekly cycle subject to the following:-
1) no more than 3 replacement lessons per term, subject to availability
2) replacement lessons may be conducted by another teacher and in a class size larger than 4 students
3) no refunds for further replacement lesson will be given if a student fails to attend a replacement lesson

How is your term like in 2024

Our weekly cycle starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. We have 4 terms in total for each academic year, and each term comprise of 12 weeks.

Term 1: 2 Jan 2024 – 24 Mar 2024

Term 2: 25 Mar 2024 – 30 Jun 2024 (June break from 27 May 2024 – 9 June 2024)

Term 3: 1 Jul 2024 – 22 Sep 2024

Term 4: 23 Sep 2024 – 15 Dec 2024

End of the year break: 16 Dec 2024 – 29 Dec 2024

Fee and Learning Platform

What if my child join mid way through the term?

Our programmes are offered at 12 lessons by design. If your child join us mid way though the term, we will prorated the term fee for you. 

How do I make payment?

Our fees are payable on a term basis (three month). All the fee are neither transferable nor refundable. An invoice will be sent to parent via email and parent may make payment via the link provided in the invoice or paynow to us at least 2 weeks before the start of the new term. 

Is there material cost?

No. All our programme fees are inclusive of material fee. These lesson material will be mailed to you on a monthly basis. There is no hidden fee. 

Do you offer refund for missed lessons

No. If your child missed a lesson, you may arrange for replacement class within the cycle, he/she may also watch recorded lesson if he/she is unable to find a suitable replacement lesson.   

What technical set up do I need?

To optimise the learning experience, we strongly engage every students to have  
1. Stable internet access
2. Desktop computer / Laptop with webcam or tablet
3. A headset equipped with microphone
4. Stationery and our lesson materials 
Prior to the lesson, we will send you instructions on how to download our learning platform, and also provide the login details. Installation of the software prior to the first class / trial is recommended.  Parent might need to teach the child on how to log in and exit the lesson, especially for the first lesson. You may choose “remember password” option for easier login next time.

What if I face technical issue during the lesson?

If your child face any technical issue, our teachers will alert our technical specialists to assist you. 

Is there platform safe?

The learning platform that we have carefully chosen is a registered product with license. It is been used by many other organisations and even universities. 
Instructions and user guide on how to download and install the platform will be provided upon confirmation of trial / first class.

For more enquiries, please contact us at enquiry@yidiantong.com.sg 

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