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Is your kid facing the following problems in preparing PSLE Chinese?

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Our Holiday Programme will

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Programme Highlight

This holiday programme consists of intensive oral and composition workshop, that will help P5 and P6 students improve their performance at PSLE.

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Oral Workshop

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Composition Workshop

Our materials

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Instant feedback from teacher

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Why Yi Dian Tong?

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When your child is excited about learning, there's a motivation to achieve more. We create relevant and captivating lesson materials with relatable themes to inspire our students to think, to ask and to have fun in learning Chinese.

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With a strong understanding of the MOE syllabus, we teach the right content and techniques in class. Your child will rise above and beyond the challenges of learning Chinese for exams in Singapore.

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We create learning moments that encourage students to have critical thinking and discussion in class. Students will develop a self-directed learning strategy and positive attitude towards Chinese. We believe that these will prepare them better for school and for life.

Our Testimonial

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