Why is learning Chinese tough in Singapore?

Due to the lack of exposure or usage of Mandarin Chinese in Singapore, learning Chinese in Singapore can be challenging and stressful. Students only learn the language as an examinable subject in school. The most common learning method for Chinese is memorising words, phrases, sentences or even a whole story.

This results in majority of children having a weak foundation in Chinese. Hence, they reject and dislike learning Chinese.

Here at Yi Dian Tong, we want to change that.

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Our Learning Methodology

Learning Chinese can be fun, interactive and self-directed. At Yi Dian Tong, we are committed to break away from the traditional approach in learning Chinese, that we would like to call:

Think 一,Discuss 点,Master 通 

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Materials with guided questions will be provided prior to each lesson. The materials can take the form of e-word cards, stories, videos and pictures etc. All your child needs to do is to go through the materials and jot down his/her thoughts and doubts prior to the lesson.

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During the lesson, teachers will engage students with discussion, interactive quizzes and games to assess their understanding. During discussion, peer learning takes place as well. Teachers will also provide personalised feedback to each and every student.

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By taking ownership in their own learning, he/she can apply the knowledge gained to excel in examination and in daily life. Ultimately, our aim is to help students deepen their understanding of Chinese language and eventually they will continue to learn and master the language on their own.

Our Curriculum

Based on the latest MOE syllabus, our Chinese lessons are designed to help students excel in school and national examinations. We provide an all-rounded approach to spark an interest towards Chinese learning.

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